Automatic Filterpress


The dehydration of sludge by the filterpress is the procedure most widely used to divide the solid part from the liquid part. This process occurs by the pressure created inside the filtering chambers through special pumps. The filter AS is used where there is the possibility to get an optimal filtration and assures a quick and optimal removal of panels.

All models are made in electro-welded steel and treated with special painting or hot galvanized according to customer’s needs. All parts in contact with liquid are made in aluminum alloy or stainless steel. The plates are available with fix or variable volume for solve all types of problems. The machineries are supplied already tested and in accordance with standards.The AS series for filterpress can covers a large and complete range of models from 300×300 to 1.500×1.500 in order to satisfied all different needs and, according to the capacity, the filterpress can be equipped with:

  • gangways along the machine perimeter;
  • supporting structure made in electro-welded structural work;
  • protection external cover;
  • automatic device for filtering cloths washing;
  • various automatisms